Blogging is the Latest and Most Profitable Form of NoLimit Publishing

Publishing used to be for the wealthy, the scholars, and the insiders.  Today, anybody can build his own “tribe” on the internet. Formerly, you had to write hundreds of pages, and wait months or even years to be published.  Today, you can put up a blog or a video in just a few hours, or even minutes.

What is a tribe?  A group of followers.  People that come to like, know, and trust you, and follow your every word and blog.  Dan Kennedy refers to them as “your herd”, and the process as “building your herd.”  Dan describes how the right “herd” can make you very successful.

Yes, you can generate income blogging. You might think you can only make a few hundred dollars, but by proper use of niches, ads, and videos, many are making thousands a month. Nowadays, the Blogosphere, a social network of blog owners, have offered more options and ways wherein you can optimize your making potential by blogging.

Do you wish to earn money blogging? Pick an ideal blog site that will deal with your requirements for a blog, sign up, create a blog site and publish it right away! Pick a perfect blog website that will cater to your demands for a blog site, sign up, create a blog and release it right away! Blogging websites allow you to develop blog sites according to your tastes, probably based on what you love most. Choose a perfect blog website that will cater to your demands for a blog.

Between signing up and creating a blog site, however, you must know exactly what topic to blog about. Your topic is an important consideration, so take your time conceiving before delving into the fray. need to understand, the subject will certainly be the determining factor just how much money you can earn with the blog you’re going to develop.|The topic will certainly be the figuring out aspect how much money you can make with the blog site you’re going to produce if you should know.}

Google AdSense then permits you to place ads on your blog. As soon as a user takes place to open your blog and click on the advertisement, you will earn money on it.

One possible income source is selling ads space on your blog. This is possible only after you start getting regular traffic to your site, and you can prove it with website statistics. One such systems, connects ad buyers to blogging sites. This service is based on renting an ad space on a specific web site for a given period of time. Of course the number of click through are measured and presented to the advertisers in their back office.

Other ways to secure earning from your blogging activities is to become an affiliate partner to another company. There is are numerous affiliate program such as ClickBank and JVZoo, which offers commission to its partners for each sale generated. It is not uncommon for digital products to pay a 45 to 60% commission. Good bloggers keep in touch with upcoming product releases, and promote those products to their existing audience.

Some bloggers choose to develop “a list” from their website. This is usually done with tools from an auto-responder such as or It is common to “bribe” the customer to give you their name and email by offering them a free article or PDF, something of value that will help them in their business or life.

A few bloggers simply ask for donations; you can use the PayPal contribution button and put on your website. Or they might refer their readers to their “Wishlist” on

Do you buy products that you can reommend to others?  Well, right here is one you will absolutely enjoy.  How about making money with blogging about distinct merchandise and then offering them up for sale all at once in your blog website?  Many bloggers write product reviews, and refer people to theirAmazon or Ebay affiliate links.

Note: Your website must look good.  These days, you can get a nice logo designed for a little as $5 on a site called

As the blogosphere develops, and there are more and more internet users, earning opportunities increase by blogging.  More and more people across the world are getting on the internet for the first time, often on a smart phone.

Hopefully, the tips in this article have helped you to learn more about how to make money blogging.

Elevate Your Personal Brand

In the 21st century branding is personal and personal branding is at an all-time level of importance to keep ahead of the onslaught of competition, technological advances, and market forces that impact you and your career or industry. The distinguished credibility of Publisher Author is more powerful than PhD, or any other advanced degree, because it means you are an Authority and that your ideas matter to the world.

There are No Limits

There are no limits except for those we set in our mind. You have thought about writing a book for months, years, or maybe even decades, and now you realize that there is nothing in your way unless you allow obstacles to prevent you once again from sharing your wisdom and heart with the world. No Limit Publishing will remove the barriers of the broken traditional publishing model while retaining the valuable partnership a publisher provides and that today’s author’s require and deserve. You don’t want to do a book just to do it and have it sit in your garage because you worked through a self-publishing factory that doesn’t know your name or care about the success of your book or business. You need a publisher with an innovative model, an intimate working relationship, and powerful business model to help you monetize in multiple ways while leveraging the branding power that your book will bring you. It’s time to take the next step…The No Limit step!

Wealth Matters MakeOver Edition

Wealth Matters Makeover Edition: Rebuild and Restore Your Life, Victorious!


Cement Your Legacy

Family Legacy Is Becoming Real to Me Now

By Scotty Cottell

As my years advance towards age seventy, I am now taking the word LEGACY, to heart. What I think is most important is not money or land or stuff but the fact that I did try to reconnect with my wife and daughters and grandkids. I admit to being reclusive, a bit of a hermit. I am constantly looking for ways to break out of this prison I create for myself.

When my wife and I travel, we reconnect. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon and it set a great pattern for us later on. Decades later we always look forward to ‘getting out of town’ and escaping the urban frenzy. Sometimes this is just a short one hour roadtrip and sometimes it is to the tropics. It’s all good!

Then there are the three daughters to reconnect with. We are all close, but in different ways. One daughter plays guitar. I have always played guitar so this is a great way to reconnect if we have grown a bit distant. My grandaughter, that is her daughter, has now learned to play guitar so there now is a good feeling of legacy that warms my heart.

Another daughter loves to talk about rock bands like U2 and Led Zeppelin. This how we reconnect. Just lately, we took her to an amazing concert starring Paul Simon and Sting. This was on her birthday and we could tell she was really into the music!

Our oldest daughter also loves music, but more like Abba and Supertramp. I love these bands too! My grandson, her son, plays electric guitar. Cool! This daughter loves to eat fish and chips with her old dad, on occasion. This is a very yummy way to reconnect, if you ask me.

If I let myself become a hermit, then I will turn into a hermit crab. This is what my inner child is wisely saying. I am trying to heed this warning and break out of my shell. Maybe soon I’ll try some social media or just stick to writing articles. It is all helping me to emerge as a person. It also helps that I walking a lot on sunny days and playing a lot of guitar and mandolin. If I permit myself, I might even attempt fiddle or string bass. I am on a roll!

Even thinking about RECONNECTING is having positive effects on my psyche. I will move forward with this new positive attitude, seize the moment, and continue to write article after article!

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Critically Ill Book


You’re A Leader of Industry

How to Become a Leader in Your Industry

By Nigel C Burke

Why are some people successful and others are not?

I do not believe that you could pin point it to one particular skill. It’s a mix of a number of skills. Some you could consider natural but majority of them can be learned, developed and cultured.

Today I want to talk about how you can become an industry leader. By doing this everyday, you will become the leader in your chosen field.

Study your chosen industry just one hour per day

It is as simple as that. By reading, researching, listening and learning for one hour everyday about your industry, you are guaranteed to become a leader. That’s 7 hours every week and over 300 hours a year.

Today knowledge is power. By keeping up with the latest industry trends and being ahead of your field is everything.

Read a book every week

When was the last time your read an entire book? Set aside some time everyday to spend by yourself while you read. Books do not take that long to read if you read a small chunk every day.

Before you begin reading, write down what you want to learn from the book you are about to start reading. Read with a purpose in mind.

I try and read a book every week. Each book is usually on a different topic within Internet marketing or social media or programming. I’m going to start reviewing them on here as I finish reading each of them.

Read industry magazines and papers

If you do not read them, who do you think is? Your competition of course! Learn what is going on in your field and stay on top of it.

Subscribe to related blogs

There is a wealth of information available on blogs that is updated daily. Get yourself a blog reader and subscribe to blogs that are going to get you ahead in your industry.

Learn while you commute

Many people spend hours every week traveling to and from work. If you drive to work, listen to an audio series instead of the radio. You can listen to podcasts or audio books while you drive.

Information overload

It is easy to get wrapped up with all the information that is available today on any topic using the Internet. You need to learn how to scan through the junk and get to the meat.

Each day, I scan through 200+ posts about Internet marketing and e-commerce. I might only read about 20 of them but by doing this each day, I am keeping up with the latest trends, techniques and strategies out there today.

Writing my blog

When I started my blog, I did not realize how far behind with my industry that I was. By starting a blog, it has forced me to learn what is going on with the big players such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter etc and looking at opportunities that exist.

I recommend anyone start a blog even if you are not after readers. By typing out everything you know about your industry, you will realize just how valuable and knowledgeable you are.


If you read 1 hour every day, 7 days a week for 46 weeks a year – that totals 40 x 8 work days. That’s nearly 1 1/2 months spent getting ahead in your field.

Read the best information about your industry for one hour every day and let me know how you go.

Please visit my blog – Internet Marketing and eCommerce Expert is to help businesses succeed on the Internet. You could be setting up your first website or looking at increasing sales on your current website.

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