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Blogging is the Latest and Most Profitable Form of NoLimit Publishing

Publishing used to be for the wealthy, the scholars, and the insiders.  Today, anybody can build his own “tribe” on the internet. Formerly, you had to write hundreds of pages, and wait months or even years to be published.  Today, you can put up a blog or a video in just a few hours, or […]


Elevate Your Personal Brand

In the 21st century branding is personal and personal branding is at an all-time level of importance to keep ahead of the onslaught of competition, technological advances, and market forces that impact you and your career or industry. The distinguished credibility of Publisher Author is more powerful than PhD, or any other advanced degree, because […]


Top Book Publishing Companies

When considering various book publishing companies there is quite a bit to take into account. Whether you are just learning, or looking to have your own piece of work published, there are quite a few options. Like music record labels, there are the big and famous, and then there are also many, many lesser known […]