You’re A Leader of Industry

How to Become a Leader in Your Industry

By Nigel C Burke

Why are some people successful and others are not?

I do not believe that you could pin point it to one particular skill. It’s a mix of a number of skills. Some you could consider natural but majority of them can be learned, developed and cultured.

Today I want to talk about how you can become an industry leader. By doing this everyday, you will become the leader in your chosen field.

Study your chosen industry just one hour per day

It is as simple as that. By reading, researching, listening and learning for one hour everyday about your industry, you are guaranteed to become a leader. That’s 7 hours every week and over 300 hours a year.

Today knowledge is power. By keeping up with the latest industry trends and being ahead of your field is everything.

Read a book every week

When was the last time your read an entire book? Set aside some time everyday to spend by yourself while you read. Books do not take that long to read if you read a small chunk every day.

Before you begin reading, write down what you want to learn from the book you are about to start reading. Read with a purpose in mind.

I try and read a book every week. Each book is usually on a different topic within Internet marketing or social media or programming. I’m going to start reviewing them on here as I finish reading each of them.

Read industry magazines and papers

If you do not read them, who do you think is? Your competition of course! Learn what is going on in your field and stay on top of it.

Subscribe to related blogs

There is a wealth of information available on blogs that is updated daily. Get yourself a blog reader and subscribe to blogs that are going to get you ahead in your industry.

Learn while you commute

Many people spend hours every week traveling to and from work. If you drive to work, listen to an audio series instead of the radio. You can listen to podcasts or audio books while you drive.

Information overload

It is easy to get wrapped up with all the information that is available today on any topic using the Internet. You need to learn how to scan through the junk and get to the meat.

Each day, I scan through 200+ posts about Internet marketing and e-commerce. I might only read about 20 of them but by doing this each day, I am keeping up with the latest trends, techniques and strategies out there today.

Writing my blog

When I started my blog, I did not realize how far behind with my industry that I was. By starting a blog, it has forced me to learn what is going on with the big players such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter etc and looking at opportunities that exist.

I recommend anyone start a blog even if you are not after readers. By typing out everything you know about your industry, you will realize just how valuable and knowledgeable you are.


If you read 1 hour every day, 7 days a week for 46 weeks a year – that totals 40 x 8 work days. That’s nearly 1 1/2 months spent getting ahead in your field.

Read the best information about your industry for one hour every day and let me know how you go.

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